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Natalya Savenkova is an experienced artist based in Russia whose paintings have been exhibited nationally and in Ukraine. She cites meditation as being vital to her artistic practice, as it makes it possible to explore and discover her inner world, a sense of unity with nature, new experiences, as well as a state of silence within and “the melody of the universe”. Savenkova’s diverse composiitons are exclusively created with oils on canvas.

« Painting is a bird flying into the space of love, light, and harmony. »

I work in painting (oil and tempera), graphics, watercolors, batik.

I paint in oils in various genres of landscape, figurative and portrait, as well as still life.
Since 2005, I am a member of Union of the Artists (Russia).

1981 to 1985 – I studied in the Bryansk Art College.
1994 – I graduated Saint Petersburg State Repin Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
I live in St. Petersburg.

I started drawing since I was a child. My mother was an artist. We always had plenty of paper and good paint in the house. She became my first teacher and an enthusiastic spectator. I am very grateful to her for this.

My first exhibition was when I was 10 years old. Since then, I have been constantly participating in group and solo exhibitions.

From an article by Irina Glinkina, an art critic:

“The world of Natalia Savenkova has a special charm and attraction, a quiet but fascinating beauty. Savenkova is a lyricist, so in her technique, the “scale of feelings” makes up the meaning of each created work, whether it is a landscape, portrait, still life or a fantastic composition. She pays special attention to fantastic compositions. Any such composition is an invitation to look into the inner world of the artist. In these works, a characteristic feature of her is especially visible – the fusion of the fantastic with the real. The eternal theme of Love, the world of animals, insects and flowers, fairy-tale fairies and angels are also intertwined here. In all her paintings, the main goal is to create a single colorful harmony.”

In 2022 New York Realism Fine Art congratulated me on my success and victory in the international competition “ART AND SOCIETY”!        
For the picture “Fantasy”, by the decision of the jury, I was awarded 1st place and I received a Gold Medal in the FANTASY category!


“Fantasy” 70×50 cm., Oil on Canvas, 2017

2020 March
Two of my works won prizes at the exhibition in the Union of Artists.
“Art-Poetry” is an open All-Russian Festival of Poetry and Art. Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. 1st place-painting “Rainy Winter” Competition section: “Classical painting” Nomination: “Landscape”. 3rd place-painting “View of the Hare Island” Competition section: “Classical painting” Nomination: landscape.

Rainy St. Petersburg in Winter
“Rainy St. Petersburg in Winter” 85×60 cm., Oil on Canvas, 2020

ИНН 783800190684

Solo Exhibitions:

1977  “Fairy Tale” editorial office “Bryansk worker”, Bryansk, Russia

1999 Baltic Assembly of Fine Arts, Petersburg, Russia
2000 Yaroslavna Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2000 Gallery ” Yaroslavna», personal exhibition of paintings Kiev, Ukraine

2002 Art Gallery “EOS”, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

2004 Petersburg Union of Artists “Blue Living Room”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2005 “Color fantasies”, Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011 “The Sun on canvas”, gallery “Russian Painting”, December, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2013 “The Space of Love and Transformation», Exhibition Hall of the Central Library System of the Moscow District Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2013 “Light and color”, Gallery ” Monastyrka” Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2018 “Summer”, scientific library of the G. I. Turner Institute, Pushkin, Russia

2020 “Landscapes of St. Petersburg”, Human Development Center, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2020 “Landscapes” Gallery ” The Fifth Element” Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2021 gallery “Fifth Element”, “Diversity” January, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Collective Expositions:

1997 “Spring-97” in the exhibition center of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1997 “Autumn-97” in the exhibition center of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2000 exhibition within the framework of the international art festival “Pro Art” at the Palace of Arts “Ukrainian House”, Kiev, Ukraine

2004 “Golden Christmas” in LENEXPO, Saint-Petersburgg, Russia

2005 Central House of Artists, “Golden Carousel”, Moscow, Russia

2005 I International Exhibition “Finding an Angel” Center for Books and Graphics, Saint-Petersburgg, Russia

2006 “Rainbow of Joy”, Saint Petersburg Union of Artists “Blue Living Room”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2006 “The Joy of the Rainbow”, Exhibition Hall of the Central Bank of the Moscow district, exhibition,   Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2007 III International Exhibition-action “Finding an Angel”, museum “World of Water of St. Petersburg”, April, Saint-Petersburgg, Russia

2008 Exhibition Hall of the Center for Books and Graphics, September, Saint-Petersburgg, Russia

2008 IV International Exhibition-action “Finding an Angel”, museum ” World of Water of St. Petersburg», Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010 “Light, Color and Ballet”, Exhibition Hall of the Central Library of the Moscow District, September, Saint-Petersburg Russia

2011 “The largest exhibition of paintings depicting flowers – 1111 paintings” Gallery ” Russian painting», Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2013 “Landscapes and Still Lifes” Vsevolozhsk, Russia

2013 “Colored dreams” Gallery ” Monastyrka» Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2017 “Colorful Mood” Exhibition Hall of the Center for Books and Graphics Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2019 “Flowers and Forms” St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburgg, Russia

2020 “Art Poetry” Saint Petersburg Union of Artists, March, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2020 “Summer” Saint Petersburg Union of Artists, August, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2020 “Carnival” gallery ” KI-Gallery» Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2020 “Spase” Gallery ” KI-Gallery» Saint-Petersburg, Russia