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Order a picture of flowers

Order a picture of flowers

Order a picture of flowers from the artist?

This question arises when you have a living or working space, your office or salon, in which you want to add a touch of mood, create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Any space already has its own color scheme, created purposefully or according to the intuition of its owner.

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“Orchids” in the interior “DiMiDi Beauty Studio” Vsevolozhsk

In this case, which I show you in the photo, the hostess of the future salon has already chosen the leading color-cyclamen. It was an accent in the interior, which was supported by other colors. And I got an order to write orchids for the interior.

At the beginning of the work

At the beginning of the work, the artist provides sketches and sketches of the future work, which show the composition and color scheme. And before that, I myself looked through a lot of photos of these refined flowers.

And at that time I had several blooming orchids in my apartment. I wanted to write them together with water and sunbeams in the foliage. I think this combination of elements-water, earth, fire and air, will be able to relax the visitors of the salon after a working week. To bring harmony to the space itself and remind us that we are also a part of this beautiful nature.

This is how the joint creativity of the hostess of the future space and the artist begins. We met several times in my workshop. And I took into account the wishes of the customer. It was an interesting joint work. Every time I am grateful for such cooperation, when we touch something subtle inside ourselves and give birth to something new, a new space.

The photo shows how the picture is born from session to session.

I invite you to cooperate! You can order a picture from me.

Here you can see a collection of my works with flowers and landscapes, as well as compositions that will perfectly decorate your interior. It is possible to purchase a ready-made work, or you can take part in joint creativity.

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